Skin Rejuvenation Face Treatment

Here we offer you skin rejuvenation which is a combo of Microdermabrasion and skin brightening laser. This combination leaves skin thoroughly clean, clear, bright & refreshed. This treatment when done regularly will bring about remarkable results in the appearance of facial skin.

Body Contouring

Here at Glojas we perform body cpntouring where we tighten skin bringing back it's youthfulness and glow. This is specially tailored for those who experience over sized or disproportionate areas of their body.

Carbon & Exilis Laser

This is our combo package of Carbon Laser and Exilis Laser which simultaneously cleanses and tightens skin giving a perfectly youthful and radiant complexion.


A well known Malaysian Celebrity, Raja Ilya is our regular patron and she gets her Carbon laser done with us at Glojas. Carbon laser cleanses the skin thoroughly making skin radiant and glowing healthily at all times.


Microdermabrasion deeply gets into the facial skin for thorough cleansing and purification. It is the most effective form of facial where the results are noticeable after the very first session!

Smart Ultra Tania

This is our very own tightening solution for facial skin which is highly effective especially for those who desire facial skin tightening without having to go under the knife.

Fractional 02 & Pico Laser

Fractional 02 is the Mother of all Lasers, it's a non invasive face lift that removes all blemishes and wrinkles especially signs of ageing. Pico on the other hand is the latest breakthrough that is more effect in the sense that one session of Pico may equivalent to 3 sessions of Fractional. In a nutshell, both the Fractional & Pico are world's latest breakthrough in obtaining flawless, tight and youthful skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

Glojas very own SMART Skin Rejuvenation by Dr.Gloria. This is a combo of formulations in bringing out the best in your skin naturally!


Facial PRP is also known as Vampire Facial. It's absolutely safe as Plasma is withdrawn from your own blood and injected all over the face for ultimate youthfulness, flawless and tight skin. PRP is the Mother of All Youthfulness!

Successfull stories & client testimonials

I want to look better because I haven’t started my career yet and I’m already balding. So I’ve done research and consulted a few doctors. I chose Dato’ Dr. JasG because he is a certifies ABHRS doctor. He is a hair doctor with a standard. I see good reviews as well. The price is reasonable and affordable.
Melissa, United States
was recommend here by a close friend and decided to get in touch with more information including a quotation. Staff very quick to respond although I was not in the country. After doing some research and comparison, I decided to take my hair transplant procedure to Dato’ Dr. Jas as he offered very competitive price and I saw good results from my friend that he had his beard transplant here.
Jason – Malaysia
I had my first hair restoration done somewhere else and it was a failure. After 3 to 4 years, I search for another option and found Glojas. I wanted to be consulted by Dato’ Dr. Jas. All I can say is he is very professional and had good planning on my procedure. It was so great that I decided to proceed. The procedure was way better than my first procedure. It was calming and I was comfortable. It has been months now and I am definitely seeing good result and I know the result is still progressing. I am satisfied! Thank you, Dato’ Dr. JasG.
Jenny, Denmark
Born with a masculine big forehead. I always envy the iconic widows peak of Marilyn Monroe. At the age of 23, I suffered massive hair loss due to the harsh water after migrating to Riyadh. Ask any woman who once came to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time, and she will tell you that it was her hair that was most unhappy. I scrutinised every hair products on counters and changed it all. I consulted hair experts of Mumbai, Turkey and UAE but none have convinced me like Dr Jas's informative briefing. The fact that totally drawn me to Dr Jas its because he is the 1st and only 1 in Malaysia to be certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (A.B.H.R.S.). It is clear to me that there aren't many doctors who acquired world class professional credentials as one had to possess the knowledge, skill, ability to practice their occupation competently. Hesitated no more, I fly down to KL at night, and the next day morning I was seating in my luxuriously furnished surgery room, 2000 hair grafts were harvested carefully to shape my future fashionable hairline. The smart unshaven FUE was no pain at all, loads of laughing & chatting with the staffs, in reality I was busy answering calls, emails and listening to music from my earphone, I didn't realise 4 hours has just passed and next thing I'm on my way home for dinner. These experts are the best you can get. I am very happy and satisfied with my decision today. Dr Jas and his clinic nurses assured me that I deserve the best programme and treated me with highest respect. After 2 to 3 days, I was surprised that there were no signs of scars at all. My family were absolutely impressed. Big thanks and thumbs up to the team. World class standards of practice and level of professionalism. No wonder they earned globally recognised reputation. If you want effective results and having your money well spent, I highly recommend my friends or even anyone who seeks help for their dilemma.
Elaine, Malaysia

Doctor Reply: We couldn’t be more grateful to have had you here at Smart International Aesthetic and we can’t thank you enough for your generous effort to write a hilarious yet witty testimonial. Your satisfaction is our achievement. Hope to see you again in the future.

Hair Transplant Hi. I'm a medical officer in neurosurgery department in Sabah. I'm so compelled to write this review as I have the result. First and foremost my utmost respect to these Centre for being professional and successful restorations unit in Malaysia. I have decided to do hair Transplant for my type 2 frontal hair loss. I have done and the result is just like what i wanted. Impressive. Thank You so much for making hair transplant practically successful. Need not to say more than 90 percent of MY hair grows. They may be a lot of centre for hair restorations, but for me The only centre whose practicing amazing skill with 100% satisfaction is here. recently I visited their clinic and noticed the Dr and clinic received recognition by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Congratulations. Worth it. Thank you
Dr.Kent, Australia
I am a 42 y.o. man who started losing hair during my early 30s. When I reached 40, my hair loss has worsened particularly the frontal and crown. Although I can accept the fact that going bald is a natural part of growing older in most men, but to give up without a fight when cure is available, definite a surrender no no to me. So I did internet search, read many forums and reviews, contacted a few clinics and luckily I met Dr Jas from Glojas Health Clinic, in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Really a huge relief, thank God for that. Being new to HT, definitely I was skeptical, but Dr Jas has given a thorough insight into the restoration process, the way it's done, and what to expect after HT. He also advised me on the number of grafts required for the restoration, the cost, including my own budget, so the final turned out to be a win-win situation for both. I decided for 2,500 grafts. Now, it has been a year, my hair has grown fully. Thank God I am so happy with the results. I noticed that the restoration began after two and a half months of HT procedure. The procedure itself was painless or best described as almost painless. I am happy that my procedure was done by a professional and I realized that Dr Jas himself is a Qualified Diplomat from American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Such recognition will boost my confidence? To be honest, it does. The price is also reasonable (so far based on my search it's the best in Malaysia). Do I recommend it to you? Yes, I do. If I got the chance I would like to do it again 😉
Armando, Malaysia


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